Skin beauty therapy is a service that consists of several procedures to restore the beauty, youth and vibrant health of your skin.

Standard package price: 205 Eur/ (+VAT 19%) 12 sessions/ 4 weeks

Based on the standard package, our specialists develop individual packages, customized according to the therapeutic needs of each patient.

For a beautiful and healthy skin the creams and lotions that you use at home as your daily care ritual are not enough. There are more effective ways to regenerate your skin and solve various problems (acne, dull or dull-looking skin). At Quantica7200, we use frequency therapies, ozone, massage and spa treatments for hormonal balancing and improving the skin's appearance. The packages last 2, 4 or 8 weeks and include:

An anamnesic session with Diagnosis Bioscan SWA, a scalar wave device that diagnoses the condition of organs, bones, skin, tissues and mucous membranes, nutritional imbalance, vitamins, minerals and blood sugar levels. There are 31 tests that present an overview of your health. Depending on these, the doctor devises a treatment scheme.

Light therapy. The light with full photon spectrum, with deep penetration, reaches the cells and treats from the skin and the epidermis to the cells, organs and systems. Benefits: reduces wrinkles, purifies pores, tones the skin and gives it firmness.

Frequency and sound therapy. Using very sophisticated frequency devices, through microcurrent, we can improve the condition of the skin without tonus.

Spa with ozone. For decades, ozone has been used in all kinds of therapies that treat a wide range of conditions. It is miraculous, its benefits being validated by the entire medical world. It stimulates detoxification, increases tissue oxygenation, strengthens immunity and activates the body's repair mechanisms. At Quantica7200 we use ozone in hydrotherapy. Ozone baths offer many benefits: it removes dirt from the pores and cleanses the skin in depth, offering the effects of a scrub, stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies the skin and lymphatic drainage.

Infrared sauna. It stimulates perspiration, which is one of the body's most natural methods of eliminating toxins. Compared to the traditional Swedish sauna, the infrared sauna eliminates 7 times more toxins. This helps to purify the skin, which becomes cleaner, finer, healthier looking.

Massage. It is one of the most pleasant treatment methods. In addition to the well-being it provides, it stimulates blood and lymph circulation and facilitates the penetration into the skin of the essential oils used.

Nutrition plan with a nutritionist. Depending on the diagnosis and needs, the specialist will prepare a personalized diet, which will perform an internal skin cleansing. You can purchase from our Juice Bar powder formulas from which to make at home your own mixes for detoxification, energy and relaxation.

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