Hyperpolarized light therapy is the safest, most pleasant and natural method of treatment. It is used both in adults and especially in children and even babies, due to the fact that it is painless, easy to use and completely free of side effects.

Duration: 10 - 20 min

Price: 80 RON (+ 19% VAT)

How it works?

Quantum medicine starts from the idea that every cell in our body has its own frequency. Due to various conditions, the frequency of the cells changes, which disrupts the biophotonic communication between them. Light is energy and can function, in this case, as a real medicine: it restores the frequency and energy of cells in problem areas, bringing them back to their natural state of health. It's nothing SF! Hyperpolarized light therapy is globally recognized and has won numerous international awards.

The Bioptron device, a brilliant invention of the medical world, can be set to select and use a wide range of colors, with a wide spectrum of wavelengths. Lying comfortably on a mattress, the light penetrates the tissues at a superficial level, but enough to activate the cells, the local blood circulation and, thus, to stimulate the natural healing process. Each color emits a frequency. For example, blue light fights bacteria, acne vulgaris or rosacea, red light works as an analgesic, is used to treat pain, and white light has a psychotherapeutic effect.

What treats?

In pediatrics, light therapy is used as a complementary treatment in dermatological conditions (eczema, skin infections, burns, wounds after trauma), neurological, musculoskeletal disorders, allergies, pain and inflammation, eating disorders, weight loss, or upper respiratory tract infections. It is a gentle treatment for children and, in addition, stimulates their immune system, helping them to recover faster after the disease. Even babies can be treated with hyperpolarized light in case of candidiasis infections, bedsores, diaper rash, colic, rash or soothing. Several clinical trials in neonates in intensive care, who had various venous infections after injections and skin conditions, have shown that exposure to light waves for 10 minutes, 3-4 times a day, improved treatment response.

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