Serotonin is a substance that ensures the sending of signals between nerve cells. Functions of serotonin: stimulation of smooth muscles, blood vessels, bronchial tubes, intestine and uterus. In each case, depending on the initial state of the circulatory action of reducing or increasing RR (Wilder's rule of initial values).

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The action of serotonin on the coronary-circulatory system is of a very complex nature, as the direct and reflex effects make it very difficult to analyze the action.

This hormone influences every part of the body, from motor skills to emotional states. This hormone is one of the main artisans of good mood, along with oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine.


- improves anxiety

- reduces depression

- maintains bone health

- heal wounds

Serotonin is very high in the blood of carcinoid patients. Increased excretion of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid (a product of serotonin breakdown) in the urine can always be detected.

Indications: To be used experimentally for symptoms and clinical pictures, as indicated above, in which disorders of serotonin metabolism may play a role; thus, for example, for headaches and symptoms of a caroinoid syndrome. Allergic and toxic skin conditions, e.g. after contact with octopuses, salamanders, cuttlefish, molluscs or nettles.

Depending on the patient's needs, the body receives directly in the blood, in a high concentration, the valuable substances it needs.

Absorption is complete in the body, and the effect occurs 12-24 hours after administration, although the effect can be felt even immediately after administration.

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