Children should not be considered just "miniature adults". Their bones, muscles and joints need more attention, they are growing, more sensitive. Thus, when a problem arises, they must be seen by doctors who understand their particularities and needs. In integrative pediatric orthopedics, the investigation focuses on the causes that caused the pain and not just the symptom. A correct and fast recovery of your child prevents possible complications over the years, in adulthood.

Duration: 1:50 h

Price: 450 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Price: 250 RON (+TVA 19%) pentru copiii care nu pot fi scanati electromagnetic

What we evaluate and treat?

We evaluate and treat everything that means problems of bones, muscles and nerves, from incorrect posture, spinal disorders (scoliosis, kyphosis), flat foot, birth defects, inequality between limbs, to the plethora of traumas that can occur at any time. daily accidents: fractures, dislocations, sprains.

Depending on the nature of the problem, it is advisable to come to the specialist with radiology and imaging investigations. Laboratory tests can be done at our clinic. In addition, at Quantica720°, children over 7 years of age can benefit from electromagnetic scans by the method of bio-impedance with hundreds of parameters, which provides information about the condition of all organs and systems in the body. The scan is simple, completely painless and lasts only 8 minutes, during which time the little one will sit on a chair with 6 sensors attached to the body. This consists in the penetration into the body of micro-currents that measure the resistance of human tissues to the passage of electricity. With their help it can detect, but also treat any acute, subacute or chronic disease, from respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive diseases, to bone or nerve.

With us, your little one is in good hands. We have modern investigation and treatment equipment, as well as dedicated, experienced specialists, who analyze each condition in detail and always choose the most suitable solution for improvement and healing.

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