Cellular detoxification of blood and organs is a service that consists in balancing organs and blood, by eliminating cellular waste, using the latest generation medical equipment of Quantica 720 clinic.

Do you have an allergy - atopic state, food intolerance, or your body reacts to xenobiotics, it means that you experience one of the main causes of chronic pathologies which is loading of toxins (as heavy metals lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, stanum) phthalate from plastic, glyphosate from herbicides or excess of proteins in intra-cellular spaces ? Than we need to amplify the phenomena of cellular waste elimination. Detoxification frees the cells from residual loading, helps them recover, regenerate and respond better to the subsequent therapies. Targets will be especially the cavity organs (mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestine, uterus), parenchymal organs (liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen), noble organs (brain, heart) and connective tissue (blood). We have to clean the whole body, every single cell.

Within this stage, several types of therapies are combined: infrared sauna, hydrotherapy with ozone, nutrition with essential supplements and nutrients, structured water consumption, specific therapies for the liver, colon, vacuum and bio resonance therapies, emotional & mental detox. In addition to the therapies n the clinic, the patient receives a prescription with herbal supplements, powders and super foods to consume at home.

There will be 3 therapies per session, twice a week, for 2-8 weeks.

The cost of therapies in the clinic during the first two weeks is 990 RON (+19% TVA) - SPECIAL OFFER for which you will receive more then 25% discount for 12 therapies chosen by the attending physician. 

Analyzes of specific markers in blood, urine, stool, supplements, essential nutrients, superfood powders, apifitotherapy and gemotherapy are not included in the special offer.

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