"If the heartbeat is as stable as the sound of a hammer, it means the patient will be dead within the next five days. "(Chinese proverb)

What is cardiac rhythm variability (VRC)?

The heart does not beat regularly. Intervals between heart beats vary from one to another, just like heart rate. This is the desired condition because it shows the flexibility of the organs to respond appropriately to external stimuli and challenges, such as stress. Stress is reflected in the autonomic nervous system and can cause an imbalance between sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system; this could greatly influence the variability of heart rate.

As a consequence, VRC analysis aims to determine the right parameters and to determine mental and physical stress and to propose appropriate measures to optimize them. In addition, the system interprets the data evaluated to determine the current state and biological age of the patient. TimeWaver Pulse / Cardio determines 14 different parameters to identify possible correlations of stress symptoms. The transparent color screen is meant to show any kind of overload or imbalance and possible parameters in a critical spectrum.

Connection with TimeWaver Med

In connection with TimeWaver Med, you have access to a general system that aims to analyze the 14 parameters in the informational field and finally suggests optimization approaches for balancing with TimeWaver. TimeWaver Puls / Cardio uses a professional 3-channel ECG for signal detection, and is also available to work with a convenient, easy-to-use pulse oximeter with finger clip.

Measurement of heart rate variability

Variability of heart rate: Analysis, not just in the heart

To develop an individual and reliable therapeutic strategy, an informative diagnosis should be conducted through the TimeWaver Pulse / Cardio system on the entire autonomic nervous system and the body. The 14 parameters of TimeWaver Cardio to determine a therapy can be divided into four main categories:

  • Autonomic nervous system, total energy, sympathetic / parasympathetic nervous system rate (action / relaxation)
  • Adjustment capacity with acute or chronic stress parameters
  • Combined display of heart rate and extrasistol variability
  • The degree of stress of a person with six parameters regarding the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system (mind, nerves, hormones, immune system)

Software: Report from integrated databases

With just one click, the software creates a 3-page report in PDF format. This way, you can easily print out the possible status of the cardiovascular system and the regulatory capacity analyzed by the software. A database with a large number of information is included in the software. They contain data on homeopathic, naturopathic and conventional home remedies to relieve stress, resolve mental conflicts, and brain map with relevant information about neuro-transmitters.

The 14 parameters and their physical correlations



Frequent very low / high frequencies

Relationship between the sympathetic / parasympathetic nervous system and between exhaustion / stress



Frequent very low plus high frequencies

The level of stress of the overall activity and the ability to regulate the vegetative nervous system

Stress Index

Acute stress / acute control abilities (requirements)

Pressure index

Chronic stress / Chronic adjustment ability



Cardiac rhythm

Central pulse



Variability of heart rate

Variability of heart rate, inflexible and chaotic parameters




Shown as chaotic trends



Index of centralization

Stress state of the limbic system (will, motivation)



Frequent ultra-low

Correlation ability in correlation with the hormonal system

1 / HF

1 / BE

1 / High frequencies

The state of stress correlated with the immune system



Frequent low

Stress state correlated with tension in the solar plexus (restlessness / inner pressure)



Very low frequencies

The state of stress of the sympathetic nervous system (adrenal glands, force, tension, activity, from order to chaos)



Frequent tall

The stress state of the parasympathetic nervous system (vaginal nerve, rest, intuition, relaxation, creativity, from disorder to chaotic tendencies)



The biological age of the patient

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